Welcome to Metalfans4Metalbands, where the music is as loud as our passion for the underground!

Here with us, we're more than just a crew – we're a family of metalheads dedicated to supporting good music.
Originally hailing from all corners of Germany, but our love for music knows no bounds!
First and foremost, we're fans - the holy trinity of metal, beer, and good company.
But we also step up when it matters! From organizing our own concerts to supporting events, we're everywhere.
We juggle concert photos, manage bookings, create graphics, and keep the network buzzing. In short:
We rock the underground in every conceivable form!
The best part? We're all just regular people - from the neighbor next door to the metalhead in the coffee break.
Anyone can join us and bring their talents to the table.
Whether you're a flyer design wizard, an expert in merchandise sales, or just like to lend a hand at events. The main thing is, you live for metal and are ready to pitch in!
And most importantly: 
We do it all for the love of music.
It's not about profit here, it's about community. If bands reward us with a shirt or a CD, that's nice and all, but we're here to support the underground - and that's pure passion!
Plus, we have a bunch of cool partners and friends we collaborate with. It's more than just a business partnership - it's like family
From the guys at Gift and Galle to the creative minds behind the epic Death Smashers Nights and the Rotten Feast - we're a team that sticks together!






And you? Do you want to be part of this epic community too? Maybe even organize your own concerts? Awesome! Then don't wait any longer, shoot us a quick email at Luna@fans4bands.de and join our metal family!
So no matter where you're from or what you're into - we always welcome new faces and helping hands.
Because the more we are, the more we can achieve!


We support the underground out of passion - come and rock with us! 🤘